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<p>A chunky Ghosts of Memories update has just landed on Google Play and AppStore.</p><p>This update adds two completely new worlds, as well as additional levels, and an epilogue expansion.</p><p>The new worlds are real contrasts of one another in the grim Purgatory and the heavenly Elysium.</p><p>In addition, the update adds six new levels filled with sophisticated puzzles based on player feedback. There had previously been some concerns that levels in the game were too easy.</p><p>The update also adds new soundtrack, 8 different languages, and better optimisation for older devices.</p><p>We gave it a respectable 6/10 in our review, suggesting it has some nice ideas and looks good, but the concepts aren't as well implemented as other games.</p><p>You can grab Ghosts of Memories for $2.99 on both iOS and Android.</p>.

GAME NAME Meow Star battle

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com.sigmateam.Meow Star

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