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<p>Fantasy adventure movie The Princess Bride was released back in 1987, making it 28 years old this year.</p><p>Despite the movie's age, an official The Princess Bride iOS game by Gameblend Studios came out this week.</p><p>As you'd expect, it takes scenes from the film and turns them into action arcade games.</p><p>There are four mini-games, in fact: surviving the shrieking eels, climbing the Cliffs of Insanity, a sword duel with Inigo, and wrestling with Fezzik (played by actual wrestler Andre the Giant in the film).</p><p>The games are illustrated in a colourful cartoon art style that brings further animation and character to the movie's scenes.If nothing else, the visuals might entice kids to play it even if they're unfamiliar with the source.</p>.

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